Find pickleball near you: Leagues, open play, and tournaments

Some proven ways to find all the pickleball near you.

Jaclyn Brandt



March 13, 2024

Whether you are looking for a clinic, a league, open play, or tournaments, there are some proven ways to find all the pickleball near you.



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If you are brand new to pickleball, or if you just moved to a new town, it can be difficult to find pickleball near you. Whether you are looking for a clinic, a league, open play, or pickleball tournaments, there are some proven ways to find all the pickleball in your area. 

USAPA ambassadors

USA Pickleball has an ambassador program to help you find pickleball in your area. USAPA Ambassadors are volunteers who have agreed to promote pickleball in their local area.

The ambassadors work with local communities, clubs, recreational facilities, and other pickleball organizations to help build the sport of pickleball in their town. USA Pickleball has a page on their website where you can look up your local ambassador or ambassadors. Your ambassador will talk you through your pickleball level and help you find the right pickleball community for you, at this point in your pickleball journey.

Find your USAPA Ambassador here.

Local pickleball groups

Pickleball is a growing sport, which means there is some pickleball presence in most medium and large cities (and a growing number of small cities). Passionate players and organizers want to build a community in their area, and so many people have started pickleball communities for those who play or want to learn to play.

You are trying to grow the sport just like they are, and becoming involved in your local pickleball community will help you meet people, learn the facilities, and advocate for beginner programs and leagues.

Facebook groups

A good way to find your local pickleball community is through Facebook groups or somewhere like Just type in something like “[Your city] pickleball” and look for a Page or Group. 

Once you have been accepted, explain your level and ask for recommendations on where to play and how to meet other beginners.

Court directories

Once you have joined your local communities, you will learn more about the local courts (both indoors and outdoors) and where you can play pickleball in your area. Most of them have websites, and some of them will have an app, or use popular scheduling apps like CourtReserve or other similar programs.

You can use those apps to find court times you can reserve, open play times, or any organized leagues.

Parks and Rec & YMCA

Although a lot of pickleball is taking place at private facilities, there are also a lot of government-owned facilities and programs offering pickleball. Don’t forget to check with your local parks and recreation department and your local YMCA to see what pickleball classes and leagues they offer.

Schedule your own open play

Many pickleball courts or facilities will allow you to sign up for your own court time for open play, where you can then assign a level to the time (Beginners, 3.0, 3.0-3.5, etc.). Once you have researched all the courts and groups, you can begin inviting people to your scheduled time. Or you can talk to the facility and ask them to send out a notice to people in their database at the same level as you.

As a beginner pickleball player, you will find it more difficult to find leagues and open play than when you get to a higher level. Sometimes it’s best to schedule your own time and find others to join you.

Find pickleball near you

Once you have learned more about pickleball in your area, you can start to find your own personal pickleball community. If you are beginner, you will want to stick to the facilities that offer beginner classes, leagues, or open play. But once you start to increase your rating, you can begin to play at even more places and join pick-ups when they happen.

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport, and a lot of areas have many options for leagues, open play, and tournaments. Finding your pickleball community will be the best way to play as much as possible and transition from a beginner to intermediate player.