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My family and I recently took a two-hour lesson from Dan and we all agreed he was an outstanding instructor. His knowledge of the game and ability to break down each component of it is extremely helpful. He is articulate and passionate about the game and his enthusiasm certainly transferred to each of us. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Coach Dan and look forward to our next lesson.
Deborah Chiene
Bob Bradley is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all aspects of pickleball. More importantly to me as someone new to the game, Bob has the true heart of a teacher. He is a good listener and observer, quickly assessing my strengths and opportunities for growth. While he always came prepared with a customized lesson plan, he was also flexible in modifying to ensure that I got the most value out of the time spent. He did an excellent job in explaining and reinforcing the rules of the game, skills, and strategies. The drills and exercises he shared continue to help me become more consistent and confident. Bob is an excellent communicator - his positive attitude is contagious and was quite helpful when I struggled to understand a concept or master a stroke. Bob is also a really nice guy and the lessons were fun! I heartily recommend taking lessons from Bob, it WILL elevate your game!
Hilary Raymond
This is the third time I have taken a class with Bob and each has been full of learning and fun. Bob creates a relaxed, fun setting in which to learn within a group. Bob can explain new material very clearly and is eager to answer questions. Bob demonstrates each skill and uses applicable drills to practice. He offers individualized feedback as he walks around the courts while students practice. Bob is also an excellent ambassador for the sport of pickle-ball. In detailed e-mails, Bob provides his students with information about pickleball events in the area, sends links to local and national publications, and encourages membership in the national pickle-ball organization. I would HIGHLY recommend Bob to anyone at any level of pickle-ball play.
Cindy Naumczik