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Whether you are looking to win your first medal or just want to have a better sense of the game, we can help connect you with instructors in your area who can help you on your way.

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David is not only a great coach, but is also a great player. He has the ability to not only tell you what you should be doing, but show clear and concise examples of how you should do them- everything from the basics of the game to solid advanced-level strategies have been taught to me in only 5 lessons. He's fantastic and I 100% recommend him!
Tevye Wyatt
I had a desire to get some useable instruction on how to be a better pickleball player. I got that with David. Affordable, informative, and a good work out. Along with that, I had a great time. Just what I was looking for from an instructor and the game.
After taking a 3 year hiatus due to injury and illness, I decided to take lessons to get back into the groove. David was offering lessons through PAC and I took a couple of group lessons. I then started playing about 4-5 dyas a week. Once I was comfortable playing, I took 3 more lessons from David so I could work on specific skills. He helped me tremendously with tips and suggestions; and to start playing a more advanced game by dinking and slowing the ball down. My game has improved a lot.
Lynn Blair