September 15th Weekly Roundup

Every week we gather best new Pickleball content around the web and share it with you. Stay up to date on what’s happening in the Pickleball world by viewing the below articles, videos and discussions.

Pickleball Ken
Pickleball Central Blog

Pickleball Ken has a true servant’s heart. Read about his journey to create a beautiful Pickleball facility in Denver, and his continuing desire to help others heal and enjoy the wonderful game of Pickleball.

Meet the Pros – Kendal and McKenna Hastings
Pickleball Central Blog
McKenna and Kendall Hastings have been on the Pickleball scene for a couple of years, even medaling in the Juniors bracket at the USAPA Nationals. These sisters are playing proof that Pickleball levels the playing field between age groups!

Irma Relief
Pickleball players are known for their generous donations to many causes in their communities. Rusty Howes, from Pickleball Channel, encourages you to donate to any number of the charities helping families and communities rebuild after the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Mark Renneson Reaches 1 Million Views
The PickleballShow
The Pickleball Show celebrates with Mark Renneson on 1 million views of his YouTube videos! Congratulations, Mark!

Pros in Age Division Events

With many of the top Pickleball players being relegated to the waitlist for major tournaments, many questions have come up. Should players be ranked? Should professional players be allowed to play in age divisions? Should only certain players be invited to national events? Should it be based on wins or ranking? RV Picklers want to know if Pickleball should consider updating tournament requirements with the ever growing number of amateur and professional players.

Stop Dinking and Win the Point
Sarah Ansboury reminds players that to win a game, you have to first win the point. Dinking is a necessary skill in Pickleball, but attacking is necessary as well.

Best of the PickleballForum
Below are our favorite discussions on the very popular PickleballForum.
Who Makes the Best Looking Pickleball Paddles?

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